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Turnkey solutions

For our specialists, interior design is not only work, but also passion.

We will be happy to advise you what work should be carried out to make the flat functional, individually tailored to needs and preferences of each client. We will deal with the implementation, we will be able to search and order materials, even if they are non-standard.

Our partner in the field of interior finishing is the Complex company.

For more information, call +48 512 379 056 or go to website.

Our help in interior finishing is primarily:

  • saving time
  • cooperation with professionals
  • advice on technical solutions and design
  • individual approach
  • warranty on work performed
  • maintenance of the warranty on hydraulic and electrical installations

The building visualizations, animations and models shown at the website are for illustrative purposes only. The appearance of buildings and development of their surroundings may be slightly altered during the construction stage. No alterations will be made to essential features of the offer and building functionality.

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